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With Animation It’s All About Success

Animation is nothing but creating motion and shape change for lifeless creatures. It can be considered as rapid display of various static images, that differ minimally from one another. These images are displayed in a rapid succession that can be up to around 60 frames per second.

The established businesses and many of the startups now are in need to gain online momentum. And this can be achieved using the 2D and 3D animations. Most of the users today want quick information about a product or a service and hence take help of the easiest way, that is referring an informative video.

In 2D animation, figures are created and edited on the computer using 2D vector graphics or using 2D bitmap graphics. Whereas, in 3D animation, the animator (person who works on creating animation), digitally models and manipulates the selected animated character. Both the methods of animations can be molded into informative videos, so that the user can understand them with ease.

Creating these animated videos is not a lay man’s task and hence, experts in this field are required, who work passionately on creating these motion characters. An animator must be full of creativity and that would then lead to the client satisfaction. Cliff Technologies has a complete website dedicated to Cliff Animation.

The Animators at Cliff start working with a concept and then, following the instinct and putting in all the creativity, come up with an animated video, that is a finished product and is ready to be aired. Cliff Technologies concentrates at 100% Client Satisfaction. Cliff Animators concentrate on working various types of videos, some may be informative and hence be put up in the category of E-learning. And others, self explanatory, that be used to promote a particular service or product of a company.

At Cliff, utmost care of providing a perfect final product is taken and hence, with Cliff Technologies the growth of the service is guaranteed.


By Cliff Social Team

Climbing Up The Ladder Of Success With The Explanatory Animated Videos

Cliff Technologies, a one of a kind multi-tasking company offers a lot of services that cannot be offered  by any of the IT services company. The company offers a wide area of services, that can be categorized in a number of ways. One such service offered by Cliff Technologies is “Animation”.

Cliff Animation, is an inevitable part of Cliff Technologies. Animation and animated videos are now becoming a part of the people as a lot of information is gained from the animated videos. These animated videos are helpful in explaining the basics and working of the business firms. A tough and complicated concept can easily be explained by the animated videos in a wonderfully easy manner. At Cliff Animation, a variety of services are offered as far as animation and the animated videos are considered.

The fine skills of staff at Cliff Animation include an excellent sense of “creativity”, to do something different and remarkable in every project. Brilliant “script writing”, with an easy and understandable concept. A blend of admirable “designing” from the staff, to make it noticeable. A clear sense of “animation” to make the complicated concepts easier to understand. The staff possesses a dynamic skill of “Client Satisfaction”, with all the variety and accuracy of the services provided this is ought to be achieved, where the clients “business speaks”.

The services offered at Cliff Animation, are so enormous in number that a client gets to choose from the variety offered. Cliff Animation offers 2D Videos, Explanatory Videos, E-learning Videos, Screen Casting Videos, Corporate Presentations, Cartoon Animations, 3D Character Animations, Whiteboard Animation, SOP Animation, Product Animation, Logo Animation, Voice Over, Animated Tutorials, Storyboard and Scripting.

An organization with a difference which Cliff Technologies is, opens a wide spectrum of services to its customers so as to make a mark in the world of business using the correct steps to achieve the desired spotlight and Cliff Technologies offers a decorated aisle to reach till the top.


By Cliff Social Team

Cliff’s Principles to Design Computer Graphics and Animation

Welcome to our animation category of Cliff Technologies blog where you will be able to know about working principles of our professionals for graphic designs and animation methods. Despite, the term computer graphics or animation is simple; it would lead to create drastic development for companies provided each technique is applied in effective manner. In fact, changes in media and animation bring countless improvements in the video game and other major business industries. Therefore, the professionals of Cliff Technologies always perform their functions by following necessary principles, which include


The professional team in this section design artworks or attractive images to represent the client company or its offered solutions in front of the public. We have expertise in designing both two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures depending on the type of product we have to promote over the internet. In addition, we always believe in using quality optical equipments, like mirrors, lenses, cameras and similar others to capture eye-catching and attractive photos. Other than this, our personnel recommend for the usage of vector images to get best view of varying digital images.


In case of graphics, we prefer for the perfect combination of illustration, text and colors or chromes. These are actually visual representations of any particular type of object available over the surface, like wallpaper and computer screen. Major examples in this category will include maps, drawings, photographs, diagrams and many more. Here, we work with the prime objective to create styles, which are unique and effective communication related to varying cultural elements.

Rendering Process

With the help of computer graphics and programs, we put our efforts in generating a perfect image from simple model. Here, the model incorporates geometry, viewpoint, lighting, texture and so on, while the image has digital images or raster graphics. Irrespective of the content or type, our Cliff Technologies professionals use calculating effects present in the video edit file to produce the final output in the form of interactive videos.

Well in the next session we would focus on some more interesting topic related to animation services provided by Cliff.

By Cliff Social Team

Cliff Technologies-Best Animation Solution Provider for the Clients

Welcome to our official blog of Cliff Technologies in the animation section, where our experts will highlight some important points related to selection of right animation studio and few important reasons, for which Cliff Technologies have become the efficient animation solution provider for clients.

Business owners should keep in their mind that the success of any marketing campaign is only dependent on the level of 3D animation, which include quality, financial ability or budget and delivery on time. Hence, our professionals involved in providing animation solutions have given concern on some important points, which will help people in getting the right solution to accomplish their business requirement.

Firstly, we know that the requirement for 3-dimensional animation differs in a significant manner for different projects and different genres. Hence, before you should move forward for launching your marketing campaign with animated videos, you should essentially decide for choosing an ultimate solution, which will allow you to get right type of service from us.

After this, for the successful launch of marketing and advertisement campaign, it is essential for you to avail finished product on time. In fact, lateness in the final delivery will hamper the overall reputation of your business or company. Hence, in this case, professionals working under Cliff Technologies always make sure that 3D animated solutions remained perfectly boasted with qualified animators and other related professional teams. Thus, in this way, you will be able to give delivery on time.

Last, but not the least, majority of our staffs involved in graphic designs or interactive animated videos has good knowledge about marketing and promotional requirements of companies working under different operational areas. Based on the knowledge and awareness only, our personnel can guide many other newbie of this arena to design and develop graphics, videos and other interesting things, which would likely match with business requirements in perfect way as possible.

By Cliff Social Team

Animation Features-Keys to Design Professional Websites

Welcome Viewers, hope you are regularly reading our posts and enjoying them. It is a pleasure moment for us to share our thoughts, ideas and stories with our lovely readers. Well in this Blog you will come to know about interesting features of animation and the way, in which it becomes our prime keys for designing of various professional level websites. Animation is actually the movement of various characters and pictures over the computer screen.

Here, we use computer graphics on web pages to give appealing and professional look to any particular website. We mostly choose for exclusive animation and graphics over web page to allure web visitors towards the commercial site. Visually striking will obviously create everlasting and positive impression on minds of web visitors.

Until now, we have offered countless benefits for using of animation solutions over web pages. In addition, drastic development and advancement done in the sector of technology has further introduced many modified applications, based on which you can design eye-catching graphics. In fact, our professionals possessing vast knowledge in marketing and promotional activities always prefer for using of various animated figures and graphics over web pages with the prime objective to develop huge interests in between minds of people.

Furthermore, designer can easily incorporate catchy animated figures onto web pages for allowing the promotion of organizational image. In this way, we allow you to highlight your messages about your organizational goals and objectives in an effective manner to become memorable and emphatic in front of various web visitors.

However the personnel of cliff Technologies always recommend marketers to choose for designing of important elements in the right way for representation of company or brand image in the right manner as possible. Moreover, we allow you to choose for various types of catchy colors for decoration of graphics and images present in the website. Thus, by following of simple animation features and steps, you will expect to design your commercial websites in professional way as possible.

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