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Provided a Complete Ecommerce package for a Health Supplement Brand in UK

A complete blend of Ecommerce solutions for one of the reputed Brand in UK.

The Client deals with the nutritional supplements and was in need to get different services, for their online shopping and managing sales through websites. They wanted someone to guide them with expertise in related service areas with a catch hold on all sections. At this point, hiring multiple resources for different areas and services was not a good option; hence, they connected Cliff Technologies, which solved all their problems at an affordable price. Cliff Technologies, is one of the leading IT services companies providing numerous services to its clients pertaining to different domains. The various solution offered by us includes:

Website management services
•  Website Migration Services: From CS-cart to Magento
•  Website Content Management
•  Website Product Management
•  Product Image Management
•  Banner Management
•  Product Price Management
•  Website Graphic Requirement
•  Newsletter Design
•  Maintaining Website Speed Performance
•  Magento Version Upgrades
•  Competitor Analysis and Research
•  Search Engine Optimization

All these services play an important role when it comes to introducing a website to the customers. All these services were entangled in budget prices and the accuracy has been maintained while working which is reflected. Each service classified under the website management section is equally important and nothing can be neglected to be in the competition in the virtual field. Providing these services, Cliff Technologies is contributing in paving the path of success for the client.

SEO Setup:
•  Integration of Google Analytics
•  Integration of Google Webmaster Tool
•  Integration of Yahoo Webmaster Tool
•  Integration of Bing Webmaster Tool
•  Keyword Analysis
•  On-page Optimization
•  Weekly Performance Check

SEO setup has its significant role, through which the website reaches to the people and setup is done in such a way that people can relate to the website. Cliff Technologies has involved a staff with expertise in this field to provide proper services to the client such that it can be recognized in the virtual world. Appointing an expert staff for this particular work would not have been a great choice and would have lead in the wastage of the resources of the client, hence, choosing Cliff Technologies lead to the saving of the resources.

Google Shopping:
•  Google Shopping Store Management
•  Product Listing Service
•  Catalogue Processing: Product Entry and Upload Services
•  Full Product Information: SKUs, Part Numbers, Product Name, Product Description, Product Images, Relevant Categories, Price, Brands, etc. as mentioned on the main website
•  Order Management
•  Customer Support Services

To be constantly in contact with the customers and providing the best services in maintaining Google shopping store along with customer satisfaction. Under Cliff Technologies with its Digital Brand, the staff works with expertise in all the listed services in order to reach up to the client and solve their queries in less time.

Competitor Analysis:
•  Doing The Competitor Analysis
•  Price Research and Analysis
•  Create Price Analysis Report
•  Price Updates as per Client’s confirmation

To stay in the competition and make bucks, it is necessary to know the competitors well enough so that the improvements in the website should be done from time to time. Cliff Technologies provides skilled staff to keep a check on the competitors so that it can make necessary improvements in the website and makes sure that it fulfils their customer’s expectations.

Hiring the professionals for the above mentioned services was not feasible for the client and hence, Cliff Technologies provided them with the Ecommerce Package and expert staff that are helping them in every domain.

By Cliff IT Team

Collaborative Team Support Model for Online Fashion Store in Australia

A combined team support model focusing on standardizing research, support, marketing and web presence.

An online shopping store, which targets Europe and Australia had an exclusive requirement in order to grow its online store on a global platform. The Client was a leading global online fashion retailer who provides innovative seamless fashion for both men and women in best quality at the best possible prices. The client was in urgent need of a specialized company who would provide them with all the under one roof and that’s where Cliff  Technologies stepped in. The services then provided by Cliff Technologies to them, are as follows:

• Market Research
• Graphic/Web Design
• Customer Support
• Promotional Video Creation
• Online Marketing

The client requires these services on monthly basis, normally under such situation companies hire multiple resources, which raise their expenses tremendously. However, the main point was, that these services were not needed on the full time basis, so, hiring full-time or part-time employees was not a good option. Hence, Cliff provided them with a brilliant solution of Team Model Customized Package, where all the client needs are fulfilled on a monthly basis at the hourly charges. The services embedded in the monthly model covers:

Market Research:
The client was in need of an expert with product and market research, for which client expected skilled staff in this department to make a mark in the world of eCommerce. To bring something good to the customers from across the globe, the company needs to continuously research on the prices and the new arrivals in the latest trends and fashion. Skilled professionals who provide the exact solution to the client, on their part did this research.

Graphic/Web Design
Furthermore, the client was in need of a user-friendly store design, product image creations, banner designs, and other graphical requirements, which come in frequently to any eCommerce Company; Cliff Animation proved its expertise to the best by allocating best design staff as per the requirement. The design staff handled such details with great care by providing the best user friendly web and graphical designs attracting its customers, compelling them to purchase its products.

Customer Support:
Once the customers are satisfied with the service received from the retailer, the website gains popularity through the “word of mouth”. This is the basic criteria that usually followed when it comes to the publicity; hence, the satisfaction of the customer is must. At the end of customer satisfaction, providing the best support is an essential element. Providing a 24×7 tech support, being available for the client whenever possible, this was the immediate need of the client. The support resources at Cliff Technologies are available as per client’s preferred time hours assuring them of the best services to its customers.

Promotional Video Creation:
In todays era, whatever looks good, sells the most and hence enhances the publicity. This client was in need of explanatory product videos which can be utilized for Video Promotion which cannot be ignored as per today’s trends. Blending the new arrivals along with existing products, the skilled staff at Cliff Technologies, creates stunning product videos that can be used for the promotion, persuasively allowing the customers to visit the store. This video promotion plays a vital role in today’s promotional strategy, which cannot be ignored.

Online Marketing:
For the success of a website that enters into the field of online marketing, word of mouth is not sufficient, but online promotion is also important at the same time. The client wanted assistance from an expert company skilled in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media promotions. Our team formulated complete online promotional strategy while covering all possible channels including website optimization, off-page promotions, social media promotions including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagrm and much more.

• Saving of time
• Saving of resources
• Cost-efficient
• Reduction in Work
• Efficiency in delivering proper services

A client from Ireland was in need of some serious business when it came to maintaining his finances and company accounts; he already searched for some serious working professionals for this very purpose where it was required to provide the reports on weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. The client also needed someone who can handle and manage their 8 Amazon and Ebay accounts pertaining to different countries.
Cliff Technologies provided a unique solution while providing a single dedicated resource position who satisfied the client in all the required domains.

The expected services that were provided are:

  • Company Accounting Management via QuickBooks
  • Product Listing Services in Amazon and Ebay
  • Market Research
  • Sales Report
  • Weekly FBA Report
  • Keyword Research Report
  • Review Report
  • Profit Report

Keeping in mind client’s marketplaces, wide research is done in order to prepare weekly, monthly and yearly sales reports along with other reports which play a key factor in future business decisions. These reports play a vital role when it comes to performance analysis and survey for the previous years. Similarly, Keyword Research Report, Weekly FBA Report, and Review Reports are made which maintains financial data of the client’s business reflecting important analysis such as the amount of profit gained or loss incurred in a week, month, or in a year.

All the financial data are maintained by the Cliff Technologies for the client, making it easy for the client to keep the track of his gains, losses, fees covering the areas where the improvement is expected. Every part of the report is prepared by the expert staff keeping the client away from the mess of the financial reporting letting the client concentrate on the areas that are more important.

Making these reports is a messy affair, at the time the client might not get the experts needed for this work and hence it is feasible for the client to take the help of an organization who is already an expert in the field required. As the client approaches the organizations for this very purpose it comes into light that Cliff Technologies is better at providing skilled resources without spending a lot on hiring.

By Cliff IT Team

Developing a customized Learning Management System (LMS) for an Australian Client

eLearning is among the popular modes of learning in the world of internet, these days. Even Tim Berners Lee must be amazed today somewhere that the internet that is his baby is doing wonders for people via eLearning as well. Internet had been treated as a powerful tool today to know anything and to learn everything. It is through this tool that even online tutorials can be made about the topics that a nonprofessional and novice internet users would hardly know about.

In the same interest, one of our Australian client contacted us concerning development of an eLearning platform that can give him freedom to integrate any eLearning Tutorial along with students enrollment, test assessments, certification including creation of all the involved animated Tutorials and course material.

Our Assistance
This requirement is a perfect example, which utilizes most of the Dynamic Resource methodology. At one side the client requires LMS development including UI/UX designs; while on the other side one team needed to work on creating complete courseware while converting it to fantastic animated Tutorials, more appropriately for Visual Learning.

We developed and created an eLearning platform, which combines the expertise pertaining to strategy, design and technology presenting a solution to a particular dilemma.

Our Approach to topic Selection
We approached to cover those topics in this eLearning requirement that are really hard to understand by oneself but are of great significance to most users, such as SEO promotion. H emphasize on doing business on different social media platforms, creating a mobile application and many more.

Interactive mode of education
We target to make the education interactive via eLearning Animated Videos
Normally, the eLearning tutorials available in the market or provided by eLearning providers are very textual which does not visually appeal the viewers. Our team did a massive research on the subject in order to avoid this textual display; hence we came out with a unique concept by visually presenting all the bookish knowledge in an appealing form.

This idea was a hit and our clients loved it! We converted those boring texts into motion graphics astonishing our viewers by converting those most complicated subjects to a piece of cake; compelling the viewers to stick to their seat.

Some of the tutorials topics that our resources covered are;
• Mobile site creation,
• Mobility to your business,
• Doing business with Facebook,
• Basic SEO, etc

How are these Visually Appealing videos made?
The videos go through a process, this process is a step by step systematic process,

Course Topic:
Anything begins with a topic idea, a perfect idea is the key to getting the perfect later stages. When the idea of the concept has finalized, the process of implementing that idea had already begun a way back.

Course Content:
The topic was further implemented into course content. This content further works as a base of the tutorial video; everything goes according to the content.

Voice Over and Story Board:
According to the course content, the voice over is done which explains the process nicely in a presentable way. A visual appealing storyboard is created which acts as a stepping-stone for further animation while converting the course content to visual graphics. An appropriate background music score is selected for that soothing effect.

Final Production:
The resources convert the storyboard to animation giving those perfect visual effects for longer impact with integrated voiceover and music. A definite Quality Assurance of the finalized animation is done while fixing all the glitches as they come.

The process seems an easy one, but it is actually difficult and requires expertise in every field that is covered. Expert designers did work for the designing process, while the content plays an important role in the videos script hence experienced content writers work on the course contents. This content is further broken into modules to provide an ease in understanding the process.

The skill set, hence, possessed by the dynamic resource has an addition of design, animated videos, content writing, and content optimization. The additional skill set also consists of development of Learning management system (LMS), course development, practical test and quiz development. To further enhance the knowledge gained through the educational videos practical tests are developed so that the person knows exactly what he has achieved through the elearning modules.

Provided a Complete Ecommerce package for a Health Supplement Brand in UK
Collaborative Team Support Model for Online Fashion Store in Australia
Developing a customized Learning Management System (LMS) for an Australian Client