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By Cliff Social Team

Festive season celebrations at Cliff Technologies

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in India with great enthusiasm. It is that event which is socially every person’s event. The event was started as a symbol of social event in the pre-independence period where people could come along and celebrate the event together.

The event is celebrated with great zeal for 10 days. It is celebrated in various manners, an idol is set up in a particular place for 10 days at a stretch and it is immersed on the tenth day. The idol is worshipped every day and the offerings are offered in various forms.

The festival is a social event and everybody celebrates it. The event is celebrated as a mark of social symbol in the organization Cliff Technologies as well. The organization has employed professionals from every cultural background and hence they come along together on that particular day and worship the idol together.

The ten days are celebrated with the festive fervor where the company offers its prayers for the success of every individual in the company with a combined growth of everyone as a team. At Cliff, the services offered vary and hence it can be said that the organization has established itself in every field.

No one field is left out, may it be ecommerce or animation or the outsourcing, and Cliff is found everywhere. The various services offered also include, paid advertising,   social media marketing, and IT services. The company offers variety of services in finance and education fields as well.

It is the specialty of the company that it works in its ethical and traditional ways and gives importance to every individual in the company. The employees at the company celebrate every festival assuming it to be their own, and the officials at the company take it as their achievement.

With the work environment that is super friendly the company achieves the target in the result oriented manner. The efficiency that the professionals show is way beyond explaining with the correct patterns and the accurate results.

With the Ganesh festival, the prosperity comes is a normal saying. At Cliff Technologies, the office wishes, each of its employees prospers and with him the company grows. The continuous positive approach of the company has kept it growing and this festival season the company wishes its clients and employees a very happy and prosperous festive season.

By Cliff Social Team

Enthusiastic Birthday Celebrations At Cliff Technologies

Cliff Technologies is an organization with a difference. The employees feel as if it is their second home. The organization keeps the happiness of the employees at the priority. Among the various events celebrated within the organization, staff birthday celebration is an exciting part as it is celebrated with a bunch of young enthusiasts working along with you.

The organization recently celebrated the birthday of its three employees. The whole week was counted as the birthday week and the enthusiasm was seen among all the employees. The good old days of the college when everyone celebrated the birthdays with friends, the event gave a chance to all the employees to bond together.

The day is celebrated enthusiastically, with the cake cutting ceremony that every employee awaits for. The great start to the day marks with cakes and good food and eventually ends up with the pleasant surprises. The gifts from the company surely make the day. The birthday person feels special till the end of the day and makes a lot of memories to hold in for the entire lifetime. Not only does the person feels great and makes the most of the day, but other employees put in their efforts to make the day special and worth remembering.

These birthdays are celebrated for every employee and the organization makes sure that every employee of the organization is valued. Amidst the fun and celebration the company keeps up the professional spirit of the employees high, by offering them all that the company can. Lot’s more birthdays to come, to make the workplace colorful.


By Cliff Social Team

Cliff Technologies Celebrated Interactive Events

A well known quote “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, justifies the situation of every employee. Cliff Technologies, took this quote seriously and arranged an activity day for the employees.

All the employees at the Nagpur office of the organization were given a theme to dress up in a trendy manner with a wearable prop for the activity day. All the employees took a break from their formal attires to adorn the trendy casual look teamed up with whatever they liked. Boys flaunted their shades while some were comfortable with caps. Girls, on the other hand found jewelries and scarves comfortable as a prop.

The day began with the first activity that was a feedback session, which was to consider and bring in some progressive changes in the organization. The democracy played its part here with everyone coming up with creative and revolutionary ideas for the organization. The event further proceeded with a “Ramp Walk”, where the candidates had to assign a tag line to themselves. The taglines considered to be also the self given adjectives attached along with the names. While old employees described them in a tag line, new candidates described themselves with a small introduction. The ramp walk indeed made everyone fashionable with the trending background music and the other employees cheering them.

The event then moved on to a quiz competition. The employees were divided into the teams, The quiz was divided into four sections, General, Related to the organization, Logical and Quantitative. All the teams did a great job and the one ending up as best with the highest points.

The last activity was to see the acting talent of every employee, with the “Theme Based Role Play Activity”. Here also each team was given a topic on which they had to enact for around 10 minutes. The topics for the play varied from the corporate ones to the general topics, getting some funny and serious conclusions from all the teams.

The employees thoroughly enjoyed all the events and the day saw a lot of selfies being clicked in every corner of the office. The music, the refreshments added up to the lively atmosphere to the office, everyone enjoying to their fullest. The activities helped the new employees to bond with the old ones and the old employees bond with the higher authorities as even they participated actively in official events. This is the first blog related to the latest happenings, the organization plans to take more of such events.