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Open Your Online Store and Make Money!

Do you aim to earn million dollars by opening your online store? Do you want to achieve strong position in the E-commerce market? If your answers are yes, you should definitely give your valuable time to know the tips and tricks to create your online store that directed towards giving you a huge sales and at the same time, allow you to make money.

Generating Online Traffic is Essential for a Successful Ecommerce Store

Driving a huge amount of online traffic to the online store is obviously crucial for the success. Whenever an ecommerce business has a huge level of online traffic, it will get a large number of potential customers visiting the store frequently and view the products.

If an ecommerce store sells quality products at affordable price, you will expect to get a huge traffic and thereby, earn a big amount of money even within a less possible span of time. For this, you have to take benefits from the available marketing channels, so that you may easily draw a huge amount of traffic in your store.

Before taking a final decision about finding the best-fit marketing channels to achieve success in the ecommerce business, you should be aware of the level of traffic, which you may want to generate for reaching your financial goals.

Work Out on the Earned Revenue and Profits

After your ecommerce business stars to achieve sales based on online traffic generation, you should move ahead to the next step, where you have to think about the way to work out to earn huge amount of profit. In this case, you should calculate three important things, which are your earned profit, net revenue and gross revenue.

Test the Marketing Campaign Regularly

Once you succeed to equip with the necessary tools and valuable knowledge required primarily meeting the financial goals, it indicates the right time for you to start making money. However, during this time, you should make sure of testing the necessary marketing/advertisement campaigns and related product prices to assure about significant growth of the ecommerce store.

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How to Increase Sales on Amazon Overview

With the completion of its 20 years, the Amazon Group has come up with further big opportunities to increase their sales with the help of Amazon shopping portal. Only, sellers and retailers have to follow the following important tips and tricks to boost the sales.

Get Reviews in the Form of Media Contents

Customer reviews come with enormous power. In fact, approximately 88 percent of the total consumers often say that they have a huge trust on online reviews than personal recommendations. Hence, it has become very much essential for retailers and sellers online to look for special reviews, which include the media contents. Reviews with suitable videos and pictures/images of various products may work as wonders. If you locally know people, who have used your offered product, you should definitely approach them.

Approximately 90 percent of the total buyers of Amazon fail to give their feedbacks. However, with the help of an innovative program organized by Amazon Group, sellers may increase the numbers or volume of the submitted feedback and thereby, help in the eradication of negative and neutral comments. Other than this, sellers may even take help from contact sellers other than Amazon to provide their valuable reviews.

Bring Improvements in the SEO

Other than price and rating of a seller, Amazon even looks at various keywords present in the ranks or listings and title of a product. Because of this, the keyword stuffing option provided by Amazon for a particular title of a product is highly reminiscent tactic, which SEO agencies often use to bring improvements in the ranks of Google during 2000’s.

Other than title of a product, you will get character limit consisting of 500 characters, under which you should make sure to include the maximum numbers of keywords as possible o make sure about the product’s visibility. For this, Amazon suggests for the inclusion of a particular brand, product description, material, product line, color, material, quantity and size associated with the sector.

Moreover, experienced Amazon retailers suggested the usage of Amazon Keyword Tool that uses the auto complete service of Amazon for finding of the popular long tail type of keywords, where they receive points/scores ranging from 1 to up to 10. In this case, you should make sure to export those, which you find as the best fit and import them under your Keyword Planner Tool of Google. Here, you may gauge the existing search volume associated with the mentioned keywords.

Take Help of the Advertisement

If you have just started your online business or wanted to get your products at the front of various eyeballs, as possible, you should definitely try for sponsored product options available on Amazon. This helps you to display the products under your search results highlighted in the right column or over the detail pages. Amazon announced about its plan to expand this feature further in the upcoming months to increase the visibility of advertisement. In an invariable manner, Amazon provides you with free credits, so that you may start well and achieve a huge success.

Use the Power of Discounts

Discounts constitute the most significant way to convert your highly motivated buyers and create a lasting relationship. Daily deals and discounts will help you to secure the first position associated with your product category. This even opens the possibility to appear on the home page of Amazon under New and Noticing categories or Hot Deals intended mainly to generate a big amount of online traffic. Discounts also allow sellers to expose the related products on the page. Therefore, customers will be able to view your other product offers at a glance and get attracted easily to make purchases of any of the full priced items

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Genius Content Marketing Ideas..!

Sometimes the best content marketing ideas are the ones that come from using everyday websites and platforms. And the good news is that these methods can be duplicated across nearly any topic or niche.

All you have to ask are two important questions: “Who am I targeting with this marketing?” and “How can I get them interested and engaged with this content?” Even large corporations from American Express to Adobe, have gone back to basics.

When it comes to eCommerce, it’s one inbound marketing strategy you can’t afford to ignore. It’s the primary place on your website where you can share fresh content, initiate conversations, and connect with current and prospective customers.

Smart online retailers also understand that a blog can be a powerful attraction strategy for any website. Not only will creating high quality blog content help you rank for important keywords in search, it will also give you something valuable to share on social media.

But to get the most bang for your eCommerce blogging buck, you’ve got to make it as easy as possible for people to find exactly what they’re looking for (and hopefully even more). And for that to actually happen, you’ve got to have the right mix of navigation, calls to action, and social sharing.

building a successful eCommerce blog requires more than just having the right content. Once someone clicks on one of your posts, you want to keep them there so they start to form a connection and affinity towards your business.

Whether you want to grow your social media following for your eCommerce site, share your posts with their friends, or both—always be sure to include social sharing buttons on your blog. Just make sure any and all social sites make sense for your specific business and your target audience.

As you think about your audience and your blog, what features might you add to your sidebar to help make your content easier to navigate or encourage prospective customers to engage?

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Track the latest trends in market with Cliff Technologies.

It’s the generation of the different technologies. New gadgets and technologies are making their way to the market for the tech-savvy people. These gadgets are making the way of living a lot easier for the generation of today where the work is being done at the fingertips.

Yu Yutopia is the latest that is about to be launched. It is a high end smartphone that no one can ignore. It is said to be the most powerful Smartphone. It will be powered by Snapdragon 810 Octa-core SoC clocked at 1.5 GHz along with the 4 GB RAM. The company has also claimed that the Smartphone will have a QHD display. The screen could probably measure up to 5.2 inches giving a better quality display.

The Yutopia will sport a 32 GB inbuilt storage. Will it have a microSD card slot will only be confirmed after its release. The Smartphone will have an all-metal body. The Smartphone is said to have a large battery. The company has also confirmed that it will launch more than one device this month.

In the range of latest gadgets, Micromax has also launched Canvas Pulse 4G that sports a 13-Megapixel Rear camera at the least price. The Smartphone runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop. The phone has a 1.3 GHz processor coupled with 3 GB RAM and has a 16 GB inbuilt storage. The phone also has a 32 GB expandable memory. It can be considered as a best budget buy.

There are some wonderful gadgets that would track their way in the nearest time. The smartphones of various kinds are ready to make a place for themselves in the market. Keep a track on all of these latest trends with Cliff Technologies.


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The New Improved Magento 2 Is Out For Download And Use

The much awaited Magento 2 is now released in the market. The platform is now available for the general download and the download from the open source digital commerce platform or the free demo can be obtained to see the pros and cons of the new Magento 2. With Magento as the flexible e-commerce platform, Magento launched with high flexibility, improved features and increased transparency in the development approach.

Magento 2 is compatible with a wide range of platforms and hence does not possess any of the problems in any working platform. The jQuery Library is a JavaScript Library, the library is default in the Magento 2 and is one of the important things that are introduced in the new version of Magento. The speed is improved and is 20% faster than the old version. The performance has increased as never before. The architecture is component oriented and modules in the Magento exist as components. The architecture enhanced the flexibility of the use of the platform along with the performance.

The validation steps have just gotten better and hence the security is increased to the next level. With automated testing, the newest version offers easy testing. A new directory called “pub” is introduced, which gives a better idea of the structure to the developer.

Magento 2 is released and offers the developers the chance to work on a better platform with a better performance. Cliff Technologies bring to you the working of the Magento 2 that comes in new version. The developers are really happy with the release of the Magento 2 as the performance level with the new Magento has come up and improved in all the units.

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Open Your Online Store and Make Money!
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Genius Content Marketing Ideas..!