Data Service

Customer Support


Data Mining & Research

Content Optimization

Image Creation, Edits and Tagging

Order-Inventory Management

Elearning/Explanatory Videos



Email, Chat, Voice

Mediclaim, Wage Management, Loan Application, Employee Records, County Census, Automobile Insurance, Life Insurance, Accounting, Ebook Typing, etc.

Web Research, Product Sourcing, data mining

Ecommerce, Health Supplements

Image Creation for Prints, product image edits, tagging

Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Newegg, Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, etc.

Company/HR Policies, Official Trainings, SOP (Standard Operating System), Non-profit Trainings, etc.

Audio Transcription, Video Transcription (English)


We are providing Email/chat/Voice support on behalf of our clients that solves all the technical or general queries of their customers. Availability: 24/7

Form Filling deals with the offline form digitization process wherein the forms come in the form of JPEGs/PDF files i.e. scanned version and the team enters the details in a specific software hence creating an online database of the details. The expected accuracy is >90%

We are assisting our clients with wide variety of internet research that can be deciding factor for their businesses decisions. This can include contact research, online deals research, any kind of web research, etc.

This work specifically deals with optimizing contents covering relevant keywords for all the products, images, etc.

Creating images as per clients requirment that can be used in T-shirts, bedsheets, curtains, mats, etc. Product Image edits for more clarity, keywords tagging in Images

This process covers all the major activities related to Ecommerce industry like product building, product content creation, listing, order processing, inventory management, account health, buyers claim handling, refunds, replacements, buyer-seller messages, imade edits, etc.

This work deals with conversion of offline or personal training to visual learning. This format of training creates a visual effect in mind of the viewer making it more impactful. The final elearning videos are combination of text, animations, real time excercises, tests, results and certifications.

Transcribing Audio and Video files that covers textual conversion or adding titles

Problem Solving

The problem solving point over this process is `cost saving

This process solves a huge problem of conversion of all the offline records to online version making it accessible in the digital format.

The problem solving factor here is assisting our clients with all kind of research and analysis so that further business decisions can be made.

Content and Image optimization increases the chances of the products visibility when the relevant search is made by the buyer

The problem solving point over this process is cost saving

We are assisting our clients in handling all their online business hassles that is cost effective so that they can focus on their main business chores.

This restricts the companies/organizations to invest more time and resources on training. Once the training module has been created it can be used for future training sessions, the edits can be done as and when needed.

Adding Titles or creating text from Audio or Video files