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Project Description

Return Favors is an Ecommerce website that deals with product sales. They are having products with various categories ranging from clothing to shoes, from mobile accessories to home décor and many more. They want a website designed and development in order to start direct sales through website with proper products display and optimized catalogs. They were also looking to start direct payments system through website.

Solutions Provided:

  • CMS integration
  • Shipping and order management
  • Payments gateway integration
  • Ecommerce Website design
  • Catalog creation and product categorization

Video Animation

Return Favors is among the hottest seller to offer fashion accessories and gift options. They deal with the unique and demanding collection of Lace jewelry. Their objective was to promote the Lace fashion among the domestic market by social sharing and interactive videos.

Solutions Provided:

  • Script Writing
  • Designing Slides
  • Animation
  • Voice embedding
  • Sound merging

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