Cliff TechnologiesCliff Technologies

Our Development Process


Gathering Clients requirements and analyzing the work scope.


Creating work strategy, defining timeline and initiating work compliance.


Producing real time deliverables, innovative execution of work.


Assuring quality, on time completion and Final delivery.


Our team makes sure that your web presence is nicely presented, making your information more interactive with mobility and responsiveness. In today’s scenario, first impression makes a lot of difference hence presenting your corporate designs professionally is of utmost importance. The designers at Cliff make sure that your designs speak about yourself and your business while making that first impression as needed.

Data Services

We are committed to provide all round data services to our clients whether its data creation, data processing, data research, images or voice services. Our team makes sure that your data is properly collected, sorted, cleansed and verified as per requirement; we create your content, edit, digitize and moderate; doing various kinds of image services like optimization, annotation and classification; providing voice services like transcription, inbound, outbound assistance, customer care and much more.

Digital Media

This is our dedicated segment committed to internet marketing and Digital media, we offer most prominent promotional services through Blogging, content, video promotion and interactive forums, while targeting Paid Advertising with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads as the mode to get direct traffic. Our social media services cover all essential sections of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.


We make sure that your online presence is backed by a strong backend system so as to assure smooth functioning at all levels; implementing all kinds of development modules, utilities and functions. We assist our clients in starting their own Ecommerce Store offering cost effective Ecommerce web designs, custom graphics, Store planning and Ecommerce web development services. We make sure that your store is well developed including complete product content creation, cataloging, product management, social media presence, research and all related services.